Improves hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination and infection.

Residual Barrier Technology improves hygiene and reduces the risk of contamination and infection.

It’s more powerful than bleach because it continues to kill bacteria long after it’s been applied. In fact, the ‘residual barrier’ it leaves can keep surfaces bug-free for up to 30 days, and with repeated use it discourages the re-establishment of germs and repels dirt to make cleaning easier.

It’s also much gentler than alcohol and bleach. It has low toxicity so it isn’t harmful to people or damaging to surfaces, making RBT24|7 hand disinfectants and foggers invaluable for infection prevention. And it uses no new chemistry: RBT24|7 combines existing biocides in a way that makes them more effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. That means all its ingredients are already tried, trusted and approved for use.
  • Kills known bacteria, viruses and fungi rapidly and efficiently.
  • Eliminates harmful pathogens up to log 5 (99,999%).
  • Continues to kill harmful pathogens – i.e. residual efficacy on skin with RBT lasts up to 9 hrs or from wash to wash.
  • Coating the tested surfaces by creating an active barrier lasting for 7 days without affecting the surface properties.
  • Stops development of mutant strains.


Hygiene is an important consideration in both commercial and domestic situations. Nobody wants to work in an environment which is potentially hazardous to our health and whilst at home, for many of us, protecting ourselves and our family from disease and infection, is high on the list of priorities. In the past, the costs associated with maintaining such levels of hygiene, has been high to say the least. In schools, hospitals and hotels for example, the cleaning regime is of paramount importance, with toilets, kitchens and many other facilities requiring frequent and thorough cleaning. With it’s ability to protect for up to 30 days after application, RBT24|7 is the long-awaited solution to reducing the cost of cleaning.


How RBT24|7 works

RBT24|7 is more powerful than the typical bleach-based products commonly used in the home, as well as in hotels and schools. It continues to kill bacteria long after it’s been applied, and through the ‘residual barrier’, it leaves surfaces free from bacteria and germs for far longer than any bleach is able to. The fogger releases a mist which, although dry on contact, establishes a protective film on all areas within a ‘fogged’ room. The film produces a layer of microbe spikes that prevent any new bacteria from settling on the disinfected surface, thus preventing colonisation. Not only does the ‘Residual Barrier Technology’ discourage the re-establishment of germs, it repels dirt, meaning the process of cleaning is so much ea

A more efficient cleaning regime with RBT24|7

Cleaning regimes now no longer need to be as frequent, and what’s more, far less elbow grease is needed to rid surfaces of the dirt which may have accumulated since the barrier was applied. This means that cleaning staff can be employed for shorter periods of time, and through the use of the RBT24|7 Fogger, the cost of cleaning supplies and equipment, is also reduced.

2. Disinfecting Fabrics with RBT24|7

When it comes to cleaning fabric such as curtains and upholstery, the time and effort required can often act as a deterrent, meaning furniture such as chairs and sofas remain riddled with bacteria and dirt for long periods of time. This, of course, is sure to have adverse affects on the health of those living or working in these environments.

3. RBT24|7 & The Environment

Many of the cleaning products which are currently available, contain harmful ingredients such as bleach and alcohol. RBT24|7 contains neither, and instead makes use of a number of natural biocides which make them far more effective against a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi. One of the risks which accompanies the use of bleach is that of the potentially lethal gases which can be produced as a bi-product, should fluids be mixed during the cleaning process.
Of course, those concerns are only furthered when it comes to disposing of the product itself, with many bleach-based solutions posing a threat on water supplies and waste management systems.

How is RBT24|7 different?

RBT24|7 has low toxicity, meaning it is not only safe to the environment, but also, is safe to people and will not damage the surfaces to which it is applied. The RBT24|7 hand disinfectants, foggers and wipes are therefore ideal hygiene solutions and are sure to improve upon your current cleaning regime.

4. RBT24|7 Quality Stamp of Approval

Choosing RBT24|7 as your primary cleaning agent, not only means that you will benefit from a substantially improved cleaning regime, but also, the industry recognition which is associated with using RBT24|7. If you’ve made the decision to provide your employees or clients with sterile environments in which to work/play, you’re sure to want to let them know! RBT24|7 is now providing you with an opportunity to apply for a ‘Quality Stamp of Approval’, which you can either place in your window, on your wall or on your website.