Old technologies like bleach and alcohol are indiscriminately toxic – they work by poisoning or burning microbes. Although effective at killing germs, they’re very harsh on the environment and only work when the disinfectant is wet: as soon as it dries, it’s no longer effective. RBT24|7 tackles the problem differently, by combining barrier coating technology with multiple biocides that are effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. Barrier coatings are hostile to germs, but because they work at a molecular level they have no effect on the look or feel of the surface being protected.

RBT24|7’s ability to focus its power at a microscopic level means that although it’s completely harmless to plants, pets and people, it has a devastating effect on the bacteria, viruses and fungi that spread disease and infection.

RBT24/7s range significantly reduces the chance of infection AND can reduce the time and cost involved in staying protected.
Viridis can be applied to a vast range of environments as a disruptive solution to viruses, bacteria and fungi effecting a total protective disinfection in medical & healthcare, food & drink, animal & pet welfare and professional cleaning industries.
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Significant amount of laboratory testing was done the past number of years and a here s a summary of the some of the test successfully performed. You can also request the detail reports from us or inquiry about any other test not included in the list.